• Privately owned and operated by Brian O’Sullivan, LMFT
  • English speaking services
  • Trained and licensed in the United States
  • In-person and online services available
  • Serving the civilian ex-pat population in Okinawa and Japan

Who Typically Comes to Minato Counseling?

Most people who come see me are people living out of their own country and culture; either temporarily or permanently.

I find that most people come to Minato Counseling for one of three reasons:

  • There are no major challenges and the person is simply looking to get further ahead or get through a transition a little quicker
  • Emotions are getting stronger, but day-to-day things are still ok. The person seeks help to prevent things from progressing to something more serious
  • Functioning day-to-day is a challenge and solving the issue doesn’t seem possible


Your story is yours and I take confidentiality very seriously. It’s the foundation of my work.

Confidentiality has two main components:

  • Keeping your story private
  • Keeping your identity and the fact you’re coming to Minato Counseling private

Confidentiality means:

  • I will not talk about your story with anyone else
  • If someone calls me asking if I know you or asking if you’re a client, I politely say, “I cannot confirm or deny an individual is coming to my office.”
  • If we come across one another in public, I will not approach you or start a conversation
  • If you do not approach or greet me in public, I do not take it personally and understand your need for privacy
  • I will not put you in a situation where you have to explain to someone else how you know me
  • If we are introduced by a mutual acquaintance I will act like it’s the first time we’ve met

Limits to Confidentiality

I do have limits to confidentiality however, if:

  • You are a danger to yourself
  • You are a danger to someone else
  • Abuse of a minor or elder

I have an obligation to ensure safety and can break confidentiality in the above situations.

Also, in order to maintain my skills as a counselor or to get specialized insight for a particular issue, I will occasionally consult with other trusted clinicians. These clinicians follow the same strict ethical and confidentiality guidelines that I do.