How Can I Be Happy in a New Country?

Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., LMFTCulture Shock, Homesickness

We all move to a new country for a variety of reasons. Some reasons are clear and tangible (e.g., for work), other reasons are not so clear and less defined (e.g., “a change of pace”). Regardless of your reason for moving, it’s normal to feel off-balance after relocating to a new country. It can be helpful to first understand why … Read More

How Long Does Homesickness Last (and How to Shorten its Duration)

Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., LMFTHomesickness

The experience of homesickness has common features for all of us. At the same time, each of us can experience homesickness in a number of different ways, including its duration. For some, homesickness can pass fairly quickly, while for others it can take much longer. How long does homesickness last, in general? Studies have shown homesickness to last between 3 … Read More