Important Laws to Know Before Going to Japan

Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., LMFTJapan in General, Living, Travel

Knowing the law before you go to Japan is critical to staying clear of a justice system that doesn’t have a great reputation with the international community. Not so much because of the laws on the books, but because of how detainment and investigations are carried out. For example, legally, anyone can be held in a Japanese jail for 23 … Read More

Do They Speak English in Okinawa? Using English in Okinawa

Brian O'Sullivan, M.S., LMFTLiving, Travel

Do Okinawans speak English? Most Okinawans speak Japanese and do not speak English. Those who do know English, are often too shy to use it. Regardless, Okinawa is easy to get around without knowing Japanese. Major hotels, popular tourist areas, and areas near U.S. military bases, often know and are willing to use English.  That’s right, getting around the island … Read More