This is a simple list of schools I gathered. The schools are not ranked in any particular order and I have not visited all the schools. This is not a review or recommendation of any school on this page. This is simply for reference. If there are any schools that are missing or with info that needs to be updated, please contact me.


  1. How much can you expect to pay for school in Okinawa?
  2. Map of off-base schools
  3. List of off-base schools
  4. Map of on-base schools
  5. List of on-base schools

How much can you expect to pay for school in Okinawa?

On average the yearly cost of off-base schooling in Okinawa costs ¥927,392 or $9,688.

The cheapest school I found, AmeriAsian costs just $3,905/year; the priciest school I found, Okinawa International School costs $17,235/year.

To get the average cost I collected information from 13 schools, 8 of which post their yearly tuition and other related costs on their websites (first-year admission fees, testing fees, any uniform fees, books, etc.).

Some of these schools charge a little less for the lower grades; for calculating this average, I used the higher tuition for each of the schools.

Off-base Schools

On-base Schools

Name Lowest Grade Highest Grade Base Website
Amelia Earhart Intermediate School 3 5 Kadena Air Base
Bechtel Elementary School Sure Start 5 Camp McTureous
Bob Hope Primary School Pre-K 2 Kadena Air Base
Kadena High School 9 12 Kadena Air Base
Kadena Elementary School Sure Start 5 Kadena Air Base
Kadena Middle School 6 8 Kadena Air Base
Killin Elementary School K 5 Camp Foster
Kinser Elementary School Pre-K 5 Camp Kinser
Kubasaki High School 9 12 Camp Foster
Lester Middle School 7 8 Camp Lester
Ryukyu Middle School 7 8 Kadena Air Base
Stearley Heights Elementary School K 5 Kadena Air Base
Zukeran Elementary School Pre-K 5 Camp Foster